Wales, UK: Mystery man returns David Light's £1,200 stolen painting, Bryn Henllan, to Fishguard gallery Wray of Light

Mystery man returns David Light’s £1,200 stolen painting, Bryn Henllan, to Fishguard gallery Wray of Light…

9:10am Sunday 8th August 2010

When a painting worth £1,200 was stolen from his gallery, artist David Light never expected to see the work again.

But last week – exactly a month after the theft – a mystery man strolled into the gallery and announced “here’s your painting back”.

Thieves had stolen the artwork, Bryn Henllan, from the gallery in Parc y Shwt, Fishguard on Tuesday, June 29th.

But David said was amazed to see the man walk in off the street with the painting in hand.

It seems that the member of the public had heard on the grapevine where the painting was and decided to bring it home.

“He thought it was wrong and decided to make it right,” said David.

“It was a shock. I was amazed. I’d sort of written it off, but I was very glad when it came back. It’s a very personal painting.”

David believes that press coverage of the theft had made it impossible for the thieves to sell the painting on.

He understands that the painting had remained in Fishguard while it was missing but does not know where.

It is now back on the wall of the gallery, but in a different location where it can be seen from all three rooms.

“It’s now probably the most famous painting in Pembrokeshire,” said David.

“I should make a little sign to say this was the painting that was stolen.

“The painting coming back shows there are members of the public out there who are quite moral.

“I thanked the man very much for what he’d done. I thought it was quite a noble gesture.”

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