Univ. of Iowa's paintings return to Iowa

Univ. of Iowa’s paintings return to Iowa

Pam Cunningham. Reporter.

March 19, 2009. DAVENPORT, Iowa.

The University of Iowa faces years of work and money to recover from the historic flooding last spring. And as they resettle their art collection will be kept in the Quad Cities.

The contract was signed Thursday and some of the University of Iowa’ Museum of Art’s collection will no longer be sitting in crates in Chicago, it is now back on Iowa soil here at the Figge Museum of Art.

Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Jackson Pollock are just some of the artists in this exhibition. The 22 paintings were saved from the waters of the Iowa River a week before the flood hit campus.

They were packed in crates and placed in storage in Chicago. For nine months the students and the public have not been able to see these works of arts that were purposely donated to the University of Iowa for education. Like, the Pollock painting called Mural which is 20 feet by 9 feet and was the inspiration for one scene in the movie about his life where he paints one painting in one night. The piece was created for Peggy Guggenheim who later donated it to the university in 1959.

The museum’s director, Pamela White, says it will take some time before these paintings can be displayed on campus and she’s glad they found a home at the Figge Art Museum.

“I’m glad that we have this painting in Iowa and I want to make it my business that it’s always in Iowa for the enjoyment and education of our people.”

The paintings are hung if you want to take a peek, but the official opening won’t be until April 19th.

The University of Iowa will be looking into shuttle buses for students on campus to get them to the Quad Cities for the exhibition’s opening.


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