Trial Over, Former Getty Curator Speaks Out –

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Marion True, the former curator of antiquities at the J. Paul Getty Museum who was accused by the Italian government of trafficking in looted artifacts, is now speaking out in her defense after never getting the chance to do so at her trial in Rome.

The case against Ms. True, which dragged on for more than five years, ended abruptly in October after a court ruled that the statute of limitations on the crimes she was accused of had expired. Many witnesses testified for the prosecution, which argued that Ms. True knowingly bought ancient artifacts of dubious provenance for the collection of the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

In a statement published Wednesday in The Art Newspaper, Ms. True condemned Italian prosecutors for singling her out among museum antiquities specialists and for pursuing “groundless accusations that destroyed my reputation and career, while intimidating other American museums into returning objects without question.”

Trial Over, Former Getty Curator Speaks Out –

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