The Art Newspaper – Danish town secures public bronze sculptures with alarms

Safety improved after reports of thefts in neighbouring town, possibly owing to rise in price of bronze

By Clemens Bomsdorf | Web onlyPublished online 20 Jan 11

(News)COPENHAGEN. A Danish municipality is to secure its public bronze sculptures with motion sensor alarms and global positioning systems (GPS) after reports of thefts of works in the neighbouring town, possibly owing to a rise in the price of bronze. Gribskov, which lies 50km north of Copenhagen and has a population of 41,000, is planning to secure seven sculptures at a cost of around €1,300 per work.“The combination of these two measures should decrease the likelihood of theft substantially,” Henrik Olsen, the risk manager for Gribskov, told The Art Newspaper. “If someone tries to remove a work, a central alarm will immediately be triggered and thanks to GPS the works can be tracked.”So far Gribskov is the only municipality to adopt such security measures, although Olsen said other law enforcers had been in contact over the proposals. Gribskov itself has not been subject to thefts, but the neighbouring town of Helsingor has.Most of the sculptures that will be secured are installed outside public buildings such as the train station or library, while some stand in parks. “Running away from these spots is relatively easy,” said Olsen. Several other, less accessible, bronze sculptures were not deemed at risk and will not be rigged with alarms.

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