Sculpture stolen from Ithaca park

Sculpture stolen from Ithaca park
ITHACA — It weighs more than 200 pounds and is worth about $15,000, but a bronze statue in Dewitt Park in Ithaca is no where to be found.

The sculpture, by Miguel Antonio Horn, called Chaman, had been at the park for almost two years before it was stolen. Now folks in Ithaca are offering a reward to get the sculpture back.

A small tree stands in the park without it’s sitting companion. At some point in April, the sculpture disappeared from this spot and into thin air.

Kris Lewis is the Director of Operations and Retail with the Downtown Ithaca Alliance. She said, “It took someone, several someones, with some kind of a vehicle to pick this up and cart it away.”

“He’s really been here in this park for two years and he is like a landmark almost. So it was extremely upsetting to have him stolen,” said Lewis.

The Downtown Ithaca Alliance is offering a $250 reward for the return the sculpture with no questions asked.

Lewis said, “Every morning when I drive to work I look over to see if he’s sitting here and he’s not. But we keep hoping.”

The theft has left people who visit this park upset.

Stacie Burgos walks through the park frequently on her lunch break. She said, “I’m disappointed when there is any kind of theft of any kind. This is something that is supposed to be for the park and for the enjoyment of everyone and now its gone.”

But they’re hoping Chapman will be returned and they’re planning to make him a little more difficult to steal in the future.

Lewis said, “If he comes back, I’ve already been talking about getting a concrete slab down and anchor him better.”

The Downtown Ithaca Alliance says this theft won’t stop them from continuing to bring outdoor art to downtown during the summer months. In fact, this will be the 11th year for Art in the Heart of the City and they have several more pieces of art that will be installed in the coming months.

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