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The AP State Museum houses more than three lakh antiquities including gold coins of the Roman era that are not even on display, a 2,500-year-old Egyptian mummy, and precious bronze and metal statues, among other priceless artifacts.

But the museum has just eight untrained guards to guard all this wealth.

The State Archaeology Museum is also a repository of rare centuries-old stone and metal sculptures and has more than 10,000 antique objects.

This museum has 18 private security guards, but no security personnel from the Special Protection Force even tho-ugh there had been a theft of a statue a few years ago.

Security at the Salar Jung Museum is rock-solid with the CISF and the Special Protection Force being dep-loyed there. But other government museums, including the Nizam’s Museum, lack any such protection and have to employ their own chowkidars or use private security personnel. Museum authorities admit that train-ed manpower for better security of museums is essential.

Mr B. Vasudeva Chary, the assistant director of the AP State Museum, says modern security systems are in place but more guards are still needed. “We have installed CCTVs in each gallery and solar fencing around the museum but with two new galleries of coins and armaments coming up, we need more armed guards, at least 25-30, while we just have eight chowkidars,” he said.

The deputy director of the State Archaeology Museum, Mr K.S. Kesava, said, “Solar fencing is being placed within a week. But we haven’t yet got permission from the government to employ manpower,” he said.

The state director for archaeology, Dr Chenna Reddy, added, “The government is yet to provide us the same category of security as the Salar Jung Museum. We hope the government does the needful because our coins and antiques are also extremely rare and valuable, dating back thousands of years,” he said.


Scarce security at state museums | Deccan Chronicle.

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