Portable Antiquity Collecting and Heritage Issues: The Status of Egyptian Antiquities "Floating Around the USA"?

The Status of Egyptian Antiquities “Floating Around the USA”?


It would seem that the St Louis Art Museum has employed the wrong cultural property lawyers in their fight to keep the Ka Nefer Nefer mask from Saqqaqra which they bought from the Aboutaam brothers’ Pheonix Antiquities for half a million dollars. ACCG Executive Director Wayne Sayles would obviously be doing his local art museum a favour putting them in touch with

the Guild’s own cultural property law expert


Egyptian Archaeological Objects Like Cocaine? As hard as it might be to believe, the US Government has apparently claimed so in a court filing relating to the pending forfeiture action against the SLAM Mummy Mask.[…] Hopefully, the Government is basing its contention on more than the fact that Egypt has had at some point (1983 was the date adopted by the Court in the Schultz case) a patrimony law that vests unequivocal state ownership of Egyptian artifacts found in the ground of that country and that the artifact is indeed “Egyptian.” But, if not, what exactly is the status of the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of other Egyptian antiquities, significant or not, floating around the United States, according to the USDOJ?[…] Have senior US Government officials cleared such arguments to be made? And, if so, do they truly understand the implications of such claims?

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