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Pocket watches taken from museum

Pocket watches taken from museum

Nikita Watts  | 23rd September 2009

SECURITY at Rockhampton Heritage Village has been tightened after a night raiders made-off with a $30,000 pocket watch collection and jewellery.

While Rockhampton Regional Council was unwilling to comment yesterday, Rockhampton Police Senior Constable Dane Sheraton confirmed thieves had smashed their way into a cabinet in the clock display area.

The theft, which occurred sometime during the evening of August 9 or early August 10, was raised in a report to yesterday’s Community Development and Customer Service Committee meeting.

The report said immediate action was taken to make the necessary upgrade to the area to increase protection.

Senior Constable Sheraton said police had no security footage to assist them in the investigation which is continuing. He urged people to come forward with information.

Forensic evidence was found at the scene and police hope it will eventually identify the offender.

“Forensic evidence takes quite a long time to match up … in the meantime, any information that people can put forward would be great assistance.”

Brian Gommersall, whose family donated the historical timepieces, said the family was disappointed that people would steal items given to the city.

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