Nok Statue for Sale in Amsterdam

(ARTCONCERN not concerned about NOK statues?)

In its latest issue the Netherlands magazine ‘ORIGINE’ for Arts and Antiques published an editorial about the role of international conventions and the struggle against illicit export. It is a real treat to read in a magazine dedicated to the collecting of antiques that:
“….in the antiques world it is common knowledge that NOK art most of the time reaches Europe via looting and illicit trade”…
(Volume 10, issue 6, 2001, p.82).

However, at page 94 there is an advertissement of an Amsterdam art dealer ‘Poekelien Lingbeek’ offering a NOK statue.

And the name of Poekelien’s shop: ARTCONCERN (!)

Provenance: German Private Collection……
Ton Cremers


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