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Museum theft. New Zealand. Rail volunteers dismayed at theft

* Museum theft. New Zealand. Rail volunteers dismayed at theft

* Salt Lake City: Man who was robbed finds stolen items in antique shops

* Devastating fire at Universal studios destroys Back To The Future set and more

* DELFT – Binnen het Legermuseum in Delft loopt een diepgravend onderzoek naar mogelijke malversaties door voormalig directeur en CDA-prominent Gert G. uit Breda.

* Let’s Sell Redundant Artifacts– A view from Turkey

* U.K. Swindon Museum and Art Gallery shut the building after thieves stripped lead from its roof.

* Museum theft. Australia. Wollongong City Gallery has been embarrassed by the theft of an artwork just days before a sophisticated CCTV security system was installed.

* New light shed on who found (and looted) lost Inca city Machu Picchu

* La France traque le trafic d’art

* Ikonenmuseum Kampen. Uit Cyprus geroofde ikonen in collectie Heutink?

* The contents of the library at Delft University’s architechture faculty have survived the fire which ripped through the building on May 13

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