Jaipur, Rajasthan India: 500-yr-old idols stolen from temple in Jaipur

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500-yr-old idols stolen from temple in Jaipur

TNN, Jul 30, 2010, 11.58pm IST

JAIPUR: Ashtadhatu idols of Radha-Krishna and Charbhujanath were stolen from Charbhuja temple at Muhana village under Muhana police station on Friday. They were around 500-years old and measured 30 inches each.

According to reports, the thieves entered the temple after dismantling the grill of the entrance between midnight and 3 am and escaped with the idols. In the morning, when priest Ganpat Lal Sharma entered the temple, he found the idols missing. He immediately informed the police and locals. Hundreds of villagers gathered outside the temple and demanded action against the guilty.

Police said the thieves stole the two idols worth crores of rupees, however, they failed to reach the underground portion of the temple where donations and ornaments are kept. Muhana police took over the temple premises and FSL team and dog squad collected fingerprints and evidence from the spot. The entry and exit points have been sealed, said an official.

Police said the same idols were stolen in 2008 but after a month-long investigation, the then SHO of Muhana, Chaina Ram arrested three persons, including two engineering students, and recovered the idols from Uniyara area of Tonk district. The idols were restored in the temple by the villagers.

Meanwhile, villagers demonstrated against the police and alleged that thieves managed to steal idols from the temple amid police patrolling. Locals and the priest demanded security at religious places, police said.

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