Iran police probes serial bust thefts

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Iran police probes serial bust thefts
Tue, 04 May 2010 05:26:50 GMT
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Serial thieves stole 10 busts off their pedestals in Tehran
Police in Tehran has initiated investigations into the serial theft of statues and Iranian social celebrity busts amid reports of the theft of another bust.

“The Tehran attorney general is looking into the capital’s serial statue thefts,” Tehran Prosecutor General Abbas Jafari-Dolatabadi told reporters on Monday.

Jafari-Dolatabadi made the comment amid the deluge of statute thefts in Tehran. The latest report gives the tenth statue as being stolen from a busy part of the metropolis.

The Avicenna was the 10th statue to be stolen in center of Tehran. Ibn Sina — also known by the Latinized version of his name Avicenna — was a celebrated physician, astronomer, alchemist, chemist, logician, mathematician, metaphysician, philosopher, physicist, poet, scientist and theologian.

The bronze sculpture of the Iranian contemporary poet, Mohammad Hossein Shahriar, was the first bust to be stolen from the courtyard of Tehran’s City Theater.

Busts of Sattar Khan and Baqer Khan were the next targets to be taken off their pedestals in the streets of Tehran. The two figures are Iranian freedom fighters and key figures in the Iranian Constitutional Revolution.

Tehran houses 500 statues of which industrious thieves have stolen ten so far.


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