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insider theft – Former Midway manager to be sentenced for theft

Former Midway manager to be sentenced for theft

By Staff, City News Service

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A former accounting manager for the USS Midway Museum is scheduled to be sentenced in a downtown courtroom Thursday for stealing $111,000 from the nonprofit organization.

Veronica Gonzalez Monay, 35, pleaded guilty Aug. 26 to one count each of grand theft and fraudulent appropriations by an employee. She also admitted allegations that more than $100,000 was taken in the thefts.

Judge Michael Smyth could sentence Gonzalez to anywhere from probation to four years in state prison.

Prosecutors said Gonzalez, who worked for the museum three years, stole the money in 2007 and 2008 by intercepting 21 separate cash deposits.

At her arraignment last month, prosecutor James Teh said she resigned two days after a financial officer informed her of cash irregularities. An investigative audit led authorities straight to Gonzalez, Teh said.

He said Gonzalez had a 1997 conviction, expunged in 2004, for similar conduct.

Gonzalez, who has a degree in accounting, was employed in the same field at a different firm when she was arrested.

The USS Midway Museum opened in June 2004 and features 60 exhibits with a collection of 25 restored aircraft aboard the aircraft carrier in downtown San Diego.

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