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Historic Monmouth statue’s staff stolen

Historic Monmouth statue’s staff stolen

12:30pm Tuesday 25th May 2010

A 218 year-old staff was stolen from the hand of one of Monmouth’s historical monuments.

The military staff, known locally as Henry’s scroll, is part of the statue of Henry V which was erected at the front of the Shire Hall in 1792, and was stolen last week.

Conservation work to the statue was being carried out as part of a £5 million renovation project at the Shire Hall that includes conserving the half a metre-long military staff by applying new gold leaf.

The scroll is not fixed to the hand of the statue, but project manager for the scheme, Keith Davies believes whoever took it climbed over the tall timber hoardings that surround the site and climbed up the scaffold, erected to reach the statue.

“There isn’t a re-sale value as it is just gold leaf on an oak baton but there is obvious historical value as we believe it is original to the statue which was erected in 1792,” explained Mr Davies principal estates surveyor for Monmouthshire council.

“We think someone may have thought it had a re-sale value and that when they realised it was made of oak, have dumped it somewhere and are hoping someone comes across it,” he added.

The staff is thought to have been stolen from the site between Friday 14 May and Sunday 16 May.

Mr Davies is appealing for anyone with information to contact Gwent Police on 01633 838111 or the Monmouth One Stop Shop on 01600 775200.

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