Egypt: Archaeological Looting Already Under Way

With regard to my last post, I am hearing unconfirmed reports from Polish colleagues this evening that suggest there has already been some archaeological looting in the Luxor region, so far I’ve only got this at second hand, but tomorrow hope to contact the Polish Mission and will try to find out more.

Meanwhile there are alarming accounts appearing in the press about looting of sites, such as this from Discovery News which at the beginning however gives some reassuring news:

The West Bank, where the mortuary temples and the Valley of the Kings are located, is without any security, with only villagers trying to protect the sites. “All the antiquities in the area have been protected by the locals all night, and nothing has been touched,” Mostafa Wazery, director of the Valley of Kings at Luxor, said.

leaving aside that this is not his title, there is now no village in the necropolis, the locals have been resettled in the past two years. There are still houses down the south end, towards the Valley of Queens and Medinet Habu – so where the tourist police post is. Note the same theme as the human chain around the museum story, locals coming together to defend their past. It may be more complex than that.


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