December 2008: Twaalfde verjaardag Museum Security Network mailinglist

Dear Museum Security Network subscribers,

We started this list December 1996, so this month we ‘celebrate’ our 12th anniversary. For those of you interested in going back to the beginning we invite you to visit the December 1996 – April 2003 archives at:

April 2003 I forwarded a Pravda, Moscow, report about the war in Iraq with which quite a few of our American subscribers were not pleased at all. This evoked too many unpleasant e-mails as if I were the author of this report. A worrying experience since the almost unlimited freedom of speech in my view is one of the great advantages of the Internet. Nowadays even in the USA it has become every day practice to question this war (as all wars ought to be questioned). Anyway: April 2003 I decided to change the list in a non-moderated list and step somewhat to the background as moderator of the list. Very soon this appeared to be a wrong decision for some of those who fiercely disagreed with the Pravda report started to spam the list. For a little over a week war really hit the list.

The April 2003 – May 2008 archives are available at:

The mailing list used to be hosted for free at a server at my son’s work. As he changed jobs May this year we needed to find a new solution:

so, since May 2008 the list-archives are located at:

All together these three archives contain thousands of messages.

HAPPY 2009 to all of you,

Ton Cremers

Museum Security Network / Museum Security Consultancy

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