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Bulgaria. Stolen original of first edition of first Modern Bulgarian textbook “Riben Bukvar” (Fish Book) recovered.

Original copy of “Riben Bukvar” was found

17 April 2009 | 12:03 | FOCUS News Agency.

Kotel. Employees in “Culture-Historical Values” sector with the
Combating Organized and Heavy Crime” Directorate and their colleagues
from the town of Sliven found stolen original of first edition of
first Modern Bulgarian textbook “Riben Bukvar”. This is what Ministry
of Interior press office informs.
Police arrested S.B, aged 27 from the town of Kotel. People in town
know his as antique dealer and donator of museum.

Investigation started at the end of last week, when Regional Police
Directorate in Sliven received signal original copy of “Riben Bukvar”,
written writer of the Bulgarian national revival Petar Beron, was

It was found out that the book was replaces with a copy. Traces
followed to collectors in Sofia.
There had to be planed operation in Sliven and Sofia simultaneously.
Operation was held on April 15 and 16.

Fours addressed in Sofia were checked up. Original copy of “Riben
Bukvar” from 1824 was found in one of them. Police also found many
other early printed books.

Police found out the original book was replaced with the copy in the
time between October and November 2008.

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