Abu Dhabi Police foil deal on fake antiquities worth AED3.2 million

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WAM Abu Dhabi, Apr 09th, 2011 (WAM)–Abu Dhabi Police foiled selling of fake Pre-Islamic era antiquities worth AED3.2 million when they arrested the accused red handed.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at Abu Dhabi Police recently arrested two Arabs, one is a cook, while another is a construction worker, in connection with an attempt to sell the two pieces of fake antiquities dating back to 500 B.C., according to Brig. Hamad Ahmed Al Hamadi, Director of the CID.

He added that the analysis results show the two pieces were fake, though they seem at their face value as real antiquities, adding that they were confiscated. Al Hamadi called on public to cooperate with police to safeguard security and protect properties.

Brig. Al Hamadi said that the UAE is committed to ban trading and smuggling of antiquities, or intellectual or cultural properties in order to prevent violation of the cultural heritage in the form of movable property or artifacts according to the international conventions in this regard.

Col. Dr. Rashid Mohammed Burasheed, head of the organised crime at the CID, who confirmed the incident, said the authorities exert efforts to combat all forms of smuggling and commercial fraud.

via WAM.

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