A Missing "Picasso" Reappears?

In August 2009, the Iraqi army’s special forces unit recovered the painting “The Naked Lady” (pictured at left) from a former soldier south of Baghdad. The painting had been looted along with a myriad of other valuables and antiquities during the 1990 Kuwait invasion. According toThe Guardian‘s report, the recovery was viewed “as a diplomatic success, a rare chance for Iraq to mend a bridge burned by Saddam Hussein in 1990.” Immediately after its recovery the work was claimed to have been painted by Pablo Picasso; however, the attribution was very doubtful, and there was no evidence that the painting was ever stolen. Even the Louvre Museum and Kuwait National Museum, whose names appeared in stamps on the back of the work, had no records for it in their collections. Unfortunately, after the work’s attribution and authenticity were questioned, the public lost interest in the story and the painting’s fate is unknown.

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