Thieves Break Into Jbeil Museum

Thieves Break Into Jbeil Museum

April 4, 2013


At least 30 small artifacts have been stolen from the Jbeil Archaeology Museum. Multiple thieves broke into the museum overnight, in what has been reported as a “daring” raid.

Immediately after it was discovered that objects were missing, local and government officials reported to the museum to examine the scene where the crime took place. The local police forensics team immediately began attempting to extract fingerprints.

According to Culture Minister Gaby Layoun, the thieves would have had no problems carrying the artifacts out of the museum, as all of the missing artifacts were quite small. Layoun expressed his hope that the thieves would soon be arrested, and that the artifacts would be returned. According to Layoun, the stolen artifacts have material, historical, and emotional significance.

Thieves Break Into Jbeil Museum.

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