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Thieves make off with 7ft topless mermaid statue carved from wood

Thieves make off with 7ft topless mermaid statue carved from wood

The half-ton wooden mermaid.
A BUXOM 7ft mermaid weighing almost half a tonne has been stolen from a Lincolnshire artist.

The mermaid was made by an Australian woman who specialises in creating page three-style pieces during a competition in the UK.

The statuesque figure was taken from the chainsaw sculptor Mick Burns’s yard near Hackthorn.

Mr Burns, who created the three bears at the entrance to Birchwood nature park, said he was not sure exactly when the well-endowed figure was taken, but said it was about May 26.

He said: “I think someone must have spotted her and decided to come back for her later. She won’t have been easy to move.

“They must have come with something to lift her and a large vehicle. I can’t think where they will put her.”

Sitting astride a rock and combing her hair with a fish skeleton, the mermaid is as distinctive as she is large. Mr Burns is hopeful somebody will have spotted her.

He said: “They can’t have put her on display in public because someone will see her. I’m hoping somebody has seen her and just weren’t aware of what they were looking at.

“If that is the case, they should call the police.”

The statue was carved by Angela Polglaze and gifted to Mr Burns as she could not take it back to Australia.

It is not the first time something has been stolen from Mr Burns. A few years ago, a giant snail shell with a hand and a foot coming out of it instead of a snail’s head was taken from the bottom of a garden.

Last month, the bear family he carved for Birchwood nature park were vandalised.

Police encouraged Mr Burns to let people know about the theft as the sculpture is easy to identify.

Lincolnshire Police spokesman Debra Tinsley said: “This theft was of an extremely unusual item.

“The wooden mermaid was very heavy and would have been awkward to remove. Therefore the thieves must have come prepared to transport it and may have visited the premises prior to committing the crime.

“This was a hand-made piece that was valuable in monetary terms, as well as in artistic terms, for the craftsman who designed and made it.”

Anyone with any information should call Lincolnshire Police’s witness line on 0300 111300.

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