theft alert: four diaries by the noted John Deere engineer Theo Brown stolen

From: Obien, Rodney G. [mailto:robien@WPI.EDU]
Sent: Saturday, March 22, 2008 6:19 AM

Subject: RE: Question – Posting Lost/Stolen Cultural Artifact 
On March 7, 2008, 22:05 pm (10:00pm), a black courier bag containing four diaries by the noted John Deere engineer Theo Brown was stolen.

The incident took place outside the bus terminal of South Station, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The diaries, dated 1916, 1922, 1939, and 1943, were leather-bound.

Each volume was enclosed in gray boxes distinctly labelled “MS 2 Theo Brown Diaries”.

The diaries contain unique photographs and technical drawings of John Deere tractors and agricultural machinery as well as notes and illustrations relating to Brown’s family life and current events. 

Please contact the University Archives & Special Collections, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, if you might have any information on these diaries.

The WPI Archives can be reached at 508.831.6612 or 

Thank you- 

Rodney G. Obien

Curator of Special Collections & ArchivesGeorge C. Gordon Library

Worcester Polytechnic Institute 

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