THE ILLICIT ANTIQUITIES RESEARCH CENTRE; Established 1996, closing September 2007

against the theft & traffic of archaeology
Established 1996, closing September 2007.

The Illicit Antiquities Research Centre (IARC) was established in May 1996, under the then directorship of Professor Colin Renfrew, at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research at the University of Cambridge, England.  It commenced operations in October 1997.  We regret to announce that we will be closing at the end of September 2007.

The purpose of the IARC is to monitor and report upon the damage caused to cultural heritage by the international trade in illicit antiquities (ie. antiquities which have been stolen or clandestinely excavated and/or illegally exported).

The enormous increase in the volume of this trade over the past twenty years has caused the large-scale plundering of archaeological sites and museums around the world.

At the IARC, we raise public awareness of the problems cause by this trade and seek appropriate national and international legislation, codes of conduct and other conventions to place restraint upon it.


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