Museum theft – Gandhijis iconic spectacles missing

The Hindu : News / National : Gandhijis iconic spectacles missing

June 15, 2011

Mahatma Gandhi’s iconic round pair of spectacles have gone missing from Sevagram Ashram in Wardha district of Maharashtra.

Ashram inmates on Monday noticed that the specs were not found along with the other belongings of the Father of the Nation that were kept in a locked showcase at a museum within the premises, 75 km from here.

The Ashram, which receives about three lakh visitors annually, is celebrating its platinum jubilee later this week (June 15-16).

The Ashram — once Gandhiji’s abode — has put on display at the museum his personal belongings, including a pen stand, spectacles and a bathroom brush.

Aakash Lokhande, manager of Ashram, felt the pair of spectacles might have been stolen by unidentified persons sometime back. The loss was brought to light during a periodical cleaning of the articles. Other personal articles of the Mahatma were safe, according to Mr. Lokhande.

“We have not lodged a formal complaint with the police so far but Wardha police have visited the Ashram,” he said.

“The issue would be discussed in the next meeting of board of trustees and a decision as to whether formal police complaint should be lodged would be taken,” said Sevagram Ashram president M.M. Gadkari.

Sevagram Ashram was set up by Gandhiji in 1936. As he stayed there, it became a de-facto headquarters of the Congress for some time, and it was there that the Quit India resolution was passed in July 1942.

Gandhiji left Sevagram in 1946.


The Hindu : News / National : Gandhijis iconic spectacles missing.

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