THE Benin Youth Council (BYC) has urged the authorities of the Benin Museum to come up with useful information that would assist in the recovery of the missing Benin artifacts estimated at over one hundred million dollars, saying that their alleged “calm posture” on the issue is worrisome to the Benins

The Public Relation Officer of the BYC, Mr Aigbe Osakhue in a statement recalled that a socio-cultural group in the state, the Benin National Congress (BNC) had earlier petitioned the House of Representatives on the issue, but because the authorities of the museum had alleged refused to offer useful information that would assist in the investigation, the lawmakers have been unable to do much.

He said: “The public was awashed with the news that some Directors and Assistant Directors have been placed on suspension to make the path for clear investigation of this matter. As a youth organisation, we have worked very closely with the BNC on this issue and we are also aware that the BNC is investigating a new theory of miss information and tribalism in the whole saga.

“It will interest you to know that our primary surety to the allegation of missing artifacts is the Curator of Benin Museum who maintained anonymity because of the bureaucratic implication. Another fellow, Mr Mayor Adediran who claimed to have worked closely with some suspects which he is yet to disclose their identity revealed that he is aware of the means which these objects were looted. Infact after the investigation of this matter we demand that the Curator be prosecuted because from our investigation he knows what happened to the artifacts” it stated.