Tavistock Museum officials baffled by theft

Posted By BRIAN SHYPULA, Staff Reporter

Tavistock Museum volunteers are in shock after someone broke in and stole native artifacts Monday night.

The collection of stone arrowheads was part of an exhibition that wrapped up Saturday. The artifacts were loaned to the community museum by a Tavistock collector.

“(I was) totally shocked that in a small town like that there would be some idiots that would break into a building like that — it’s not like there’s any money there,” said Roy Erb, chair of the Tavistock Museum committee, yesterday.

“It just totally escapes me as to what or why somebody would do something like that. It’s definitely not the town that I grew up in,” said the Waterloo resident who was born and raised in Tavistock.

Oxford community police said someone forced open the door to the museum, located at 37 Maria St. Once inside, they rummaged through various cupboards and drawers. A display case was partially dismantled to get access to the artifacts, which included a “large” number of stone arrowheads.

“They hold significant sentimental value and need to be returned,” said Staff Sgt. Nancy Lenehan of the Oxford Community Police Service in a press release.

The museum theft was one of two in the immediate area Monday night. Someone also broke into the Tavistock Public Library next door and stole an undisclosed amount of cash, police said.

An attempt was also made to break into the Tavistock Gazette newspaper at 119 Woodstock St.

Publisher Bill Gladding said they didn’t get inside, but some damage was caused to the door and lock.

The museum break-in was discovered Tuesday morning by volunteers who were there to begin setting up the next exhibition.

Mr. Erb said the volunteers were shaken.

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