Stolen clock recovered after owners saw it for sale on eBay

Stolen clock recovered after owners saw it for sale on eBay

3:17pm Friday 25th June 2010
By Andy Woolfoot »

A RARE antique clock stolen from a home in Cirencester was recovered after its owners spotted it for sale on eBay.

Jackie Shopland-Reed, who lives in Lancashire, told the Standard the Liberty Clock had belonged to her mother who died last year and was one of the possessions her and her two brothers had decided to keep.

It had been handed down through their family for three generations and is valued at around £4,000.

Two weeks ago it was stolen from their mother’s house in Somerford Road.

Several days later one of Jackie’s brothers did an internet search for the make and model of the clock and was stunned to find it listed for sale on eBay.

Jackie said they instantly knew it was theirs as the clock had a purple face which was an unusual colour for that design of clock.

Cirencester police were informed and after contacting the auction website managed to track down an address in the nearby town of Highworth in Wiltshire where the clock was recovered.

“We were upset when we realised it was gone because it has been passed down through our family for generations and for the sentimental value as much as the monetary value,” Jackie said. “We were stunned when we saw it listed on eBay.

“Cirencester police had it back within 24 hours – they did a wonderful job.”

A 36-year-old man and a 47-year-old woman from Highworth have been arrested in connection with the theft. They have been bailed until August 17.

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