Security guard smoking during Bill Reid artifact heist at UBC. Security


* Statement From Louise Blalock, Chief Librarian, Hartford Public Library
about security concerns.

* Russia’s Ministry of culture is asking London auction house Christie’s to
hand over a rare religious icon. It is believed the item was stolen from a
Moscow museum in 1994.

* Spain. Roban una parte de la colección de Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

* India. The trail of antique revolver stolen from Maharaja Ranjit Singh War
Memorial Museum
* Ten of the most incredible art heists of the modern era  

* High Metal Prices Make Sculpture Tempting Targets

* KATHMANDU, May 29 – A leading research library Thursday expressed its
concern over the security of the historical materials and papers contained in
the Narayanhiti Palace.

* Selkirk Museum vandalized. 20 windows smashed on three displays, no arrests
made at press time .

* MANILA, Philippines – The Manila Regional Trial Court has dismissed for lack
of evidence the case against a ranking official of the National Library who
allegedly stole some priceless historical documents under her custody.

* Security guard smoking during Bill Reid artifact heist at UBC. Security
system off-line while gold treasures stolen.
* Terracotta Warriors damaged by quake
* Auktionshaus Christie’s streicht gestohlene Ikone aus Russland aus seinem

* BARABOO, Wis. A man charged with stealing art from a sculpture park and
selling it for scrap was sentenced Thursday to eight months in jail.

* Art Deals More Often Involve Art of Litigation

* Saratoga Springs. Man arrested as stolen art is recovered

* The Art Newspaper. Obelisk looted by Mussolini to be re-erected after 70