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The Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit has set oral argument for January 13, 2014 on the appeal from the dismissal of the government’s civil forteiture case against the Mask of Ka Nefer-Nefer in the St. Louis Art Museum.

After a report from the United States that settlement talks in the civil forfeiture case against the Mask of Ka Nefer Nefer at the St. Louis Art Museum were sufficiently promise to suspend the briefing schedule in the Court of Appeals, the government has advised the court that those talks have failed.  The government’s appellate… Continue Reading

  The U.S. District Court in St. Louis has denied the government’s request to amend the complaint seeking civil forfeiture of the Mask of Ka-Nefer-Nefer from the St. Louis Art Museum.  Echoing some of the timeliness points we made after the government’s request for reconsideration of the dismissal of the case was denied on June 1,… Continue Reading

After the U.S. District Court denied the government’s Motion to Reconsider its earlier dismissal of the claim to the Mask of Ka-Nefer-Nefer in the St. Louis Museum of Art, the government has tried another procedure to revive the case, one that is normally unremarkable.  A review of the filings in the case raises the question, however,… Continue Reading

Fresh on the heels of our coverage here and here and in the Atlantic, the U.S. District Court in St. Louis has rejected the U.S. government’s efforts to save its case to reclaim the Mask of Ka-Nefer-Nefer.  After the case was dismissed in April, the government asked the court for permission to amend the complaint to… Continue Reading

Malcom Gay in the Atlantic reports on the dismissal of the federal government’s civil forfeiture action under U.S. customs laws United States v. The Mask of Ka-Nefer-Nefer, and the broader quesions about what a museum should do when faced with such claims.  In April, the U.S. District Court allowed the St. Louis Museum of Art’s Motion… Continue Reading

  The St. Louis Art Museum has defeated the federal goverment’s efforts to seize the Egyptian Mask of Ka-Nefer-Nefer under U.S. customs laws.  The Mask of Ka-Nefer-Nefer is a funerary mask of an ancient Egyptian noblewoman.  The St. Louis Art Museum purchased it from a dealer in 1998.  Sometime later, the United States began to seek its seizure, arguing… Continue Reading

Search results for mask of ka nefer nefer | The Art Law Report.

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