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Salisbury, UK: Statue stolen from gallery

Statue stolen from gallery

11:00am Wednesday 29th September 2010

• By Kirsty Barton »

STAFF at Fisherton Mill in Salisbury are having to reassess their displays and security after a limited edition statue worth more than £1,200 was stolen.

The bronze piece, by artist Gill Brown, was taken from a plinth in the gallery’s shop on the afternoon of September 18.

The theft was discovered when a member of staff noticed an empty display stand and reported that the ten-inch tall statue called Sleep was missing.

“It is just not fair,” said Fisherton Mill owner Deborah Fox. “A lot of work went into the piece and it is special to Gill Brown. It is just not fair someone thinks they can take it without paying for it.

“We will have to be a bit more careful and change the way we display things. We really thought it would be too big for someone to pop in their bag or under their coat.”

Ms Fox is appealing for any customers in the Mill on that afternoon to get in touch with the police if they saw anything suspicious.

The police are investigating and are checking websites such as eBay to try and trace the statue, which is of a mother with a child asleep in her arms.

As it is a limited edition, each statue is numbered and therefore easy to distinguish.

“We don’t know if it’s someone who wants it for the metal and the value of the metal or whether it is someone who just likes the piece and thinks they would like it at home,” said Ms Fox.

“It is quite a big, heavy piece, and that is really why we didn’t have it under lock and key – it is nice to have things out so people can see them up close. We don’t want to put everything behind glass.”

Anyone with information is being asked to contact Salisbury police on 0845 4087000, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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