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Reactie uit Afrika op plannen Wereldmuseum Afrikaanse collectie te verkopen

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From: Mudenda George S <>
Date: 19 August 2011 18:33
Subject: Re: [AFRICOM-L] Dutch museums may sell treasures to make ends meet: complete € 60 million Africana collection for sale

Dear Colleagues,
I find the idea of selling the entire Africa collection and the Americas
collection as sad. As far as I am concerned people’s heritage is not for sale but rather for preservation. If the selling of heritage is allowed rather promoted as the case is in the Netherlands, how then are we going to combat illicit trafficking of cultural property in particular museum objects? I fear that the mercenaries of illicit trafficking will come to Africa and the Americas to steal our objects and later claim to have bought them from the Netherlands.

Another question worth asking is, why is it that Rotterdam’s Wereldmuseum plans to sell the African and Americas collections and not those of the Dutch/European origin? It is important for our colleagues to know that the objects they want to sell were got from Africa and the Americas against the will of the owners? They were got free of charge and now they want to make profits. Why then can’t this museum return the objects where the owners of the cultures value them? When I look at this idea what ever the reasoning, it takes us back to the times of slave trade. Now that these colonialist cannot sell us as human beings they find it pleasure and joy to sell our heritage. So each time there is a crisis in Europe what comes to people’s mind is to sell the Africans and Americas. I have no apologies whatsoever for what I am writing because if I do not say it I may find myself being sold as a slave each time there is a crisis in Europe. Someone should
remind these people how painful history can be at times.

Concerned African

Mudenda George S

— On Fri, 8/19/11, Ton Cremers <> wrote:

From: Ton Cremers <>
Subject: [AFRICOM-L] Dutch museums may sell treasures to make ends meet: complete € 60 million Africana collection for sale
Date: Friday, August 19, 2011, 4:30 AM

THE DAILY STAR :: Culture :: Art :: Dutch museums may sell treasures to
make ends meet

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