Rare Iraqi Jewish books surface in Israel

* Rare Iraqi Jewish books surface in Israel: report 

* HAMMOND – Police recovered the missing bronze head of a city of Hammond founding father from a canal at Zemurray Park Thursday morning.

* New weapon to fight theft of Khmer relics: ICOM Red List to be published in September 

* Hungarian Police retrieve art treasures thought to be from the 5th Century, in the home of a Solymár-based man and his accomplices 
* UK. Lowther castle added to at-risk list to save it from vandals and decay

* Cinquante-trois tableaux volés par les nazis sont exposés à Paris 

* French man is facing a U.S. indictment in Miami for involvment in the 2007 theft of four paintings from museum in Nice 

* New Zealand. Waiouru medals reward ‘timeless’ 

* Fires rip through historic Big Sur 

* MARTINSBURG, W.VA. – Police in Martinsburg are asking for the public’s help in recovering two large works of art that were stolen earlier this month while on display downtown along Queen Street.  http://groups.google.com/group/museum-security-network/browse_thread/thread/0d13511aef60de7c?hl=en

* CHICAGO – La belle-fille du peintre Viktor Vasarely, accusée d’un vol d’oeuvres d’une valeur de plusieurs centaines de milliers de dollars, a remis son passeport français vendredi à un juge de Chicago  http://groups.google.com/group/museum-security-network/browse_thread/thread/783f9926a57a5e24?hl=en

* LAHORE: Art historian Prof Dr Ejaz Anwar said that religious sites, especially those of minorities, had been looted throughout history. 

* Belgium. Rechtvaardige Rechters niet gevonden 

* Le pilleur d’églises était un récidiviste 

* Hungarian Police retrieve art treasures 

* Vasarely’s daughter-in-law surrenders passport in art theft case 

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