product information – Protect your precious works of art: anti-theft picture hanging system

Protect your precious works of art: anti-theft picture hanging system

May 31, 2012 Eindhoven, The Netherlands

In recent years, STAS picture hanging systems has confirmed its status as the world’s most innovative manufacturer of high-quality picture hanging systems time and time again. The company offers numerous solutions to help you hang your pictures safely, flexibly and elegantly.

STAS’ leading position is underlined by the fact that it supplies to the most prestigious museums, galleries, universities and government bodies, etc. worldwide.

The STAS j-rail max picture hanging system has been specially designed for heavy paintings. It’s a simple and massively strong system. The highly effective, thick-walled aluminium profile is capable of supporting loads of up to no less than 220 lbs per linear meter. The system consists of a rail that mounts on the wall, hanging hooks and suspending rods that connect the hook to the rail.


The STAS j-rail max system combines flexible picture hanging and protection against theft. With the aid of several accessories this rail can be converted into a theft deterrent system. These accessories include the STAS j-rail max security hook, security suspension rod and security cap. The security hook can be closed with a screw, to prevent someone removing the picture from the hook. The suspension rod can be fixed to the rail with the security cap to protect it from theft.


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