Pebble Beach – Art Heist Victims Web site

SANTA CRUZ, Calif.- Friday, sitting at a Starbucks in Santa Cruz, Dr. Ralph Kennaugh reflected on the past couple of years.

He spoke for the first time to Central Coast News since he says millions of dollars worth of artwork was stolen from the Pebble Beach house he was renting.

Kennaugh and his partner Angelo Amadio have now created a website to display proof of the stolen artwork after the Monterey County Sheriff’s investigators turned the investigation on them.

The two say they need to get the word out to a larger audience around the world and even say they believe some of the pieces have already been sold.

“It’s happened. I’d just like to get the artwork back from the people who took it and I’d like them to be punished for taking it. It’d be nice if someone would do something about the corruption that goes on…yeah that would be nice,” said Kennaugh.

The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office says they are still investigating the case, and the men are still persuing legal a defamation of character lawsuit against the county.

Art Heist Victims Web site .

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