Parthenon marbles. Book review: Stealing Athena


* Museum theft. PALM SPRINGS – After a lengthy investigation and a conviction, several Indian artifacts valued at $140,000 to $160,000 were returned Friday to their rightful owners.

* Museum theft Austria. Im Papiermachermuseum in Steyrermühl haben unbekannte Täter wertvolle Beute gemacht. Sie stahlen 40 Bleibarren, wie sie bei historischen Druckmaschinen Verwendung fanden.

* PALM SPRINGS, Calif.-The FBI returned stolen pottery, hand-woven baskets and other artifacts to an American Indian tribe on Friday, three and a half years after they were stolen from a museum in the Southern California desert.

* Sana’a Interpol on the case of the stolen Yemeni antiquities

* Correction and clarification re: What is treasure hunting? What is archaeology?

* Im Frühjahr 2008 wurde der gesamte bildnerische Nachlass von Peter Weiss aus einem Depot in Stockholm gestohlen.

* Parthenon marbles. Book review: Stealing Athena

* China. Des vestiges de l’héritage culturel gravement endommagés suite au séisme

* US. Iowa floods. Culture heart of Cedar Rapids took a direct hit


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