Painting by Aivazovsky "Ship at Sea” was stolen

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Painting by Aivazovsky .

Among the paintings that the robbers took from the  businessman Alexander Tarantsev’s near Moscow estate, were “The Cossack” by Ilya Repin and the “Ship at Sea” by Ivan Aivazovsky, Kommersant reports. Works by Shishkin, Savrasov and other Russian artists were also stolen.

The robbers took diamond jewelry and antiques, some of which come from the collections of the Russian imperial family. “Russian Gold” company estimated the total damage at more than $ 50 million.

Robbery occurred on January 13 in the early morning. Four gunmen wearing masks entered the manor, located in specially protected health resort. They tied and beat the superintendent – the only person inside the house. Tarantsev himself at that time was on vacation in the U.S.

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