Pachacamac 'stolen artifacts' a false alarm

Living in Peru » News » Pachacamac ‘stolen artifacts’ a false alarm.

Last Saturday, the online edition of Perú21 reported that several archaeological artifacts had been stolen from the Pachacamac museum in the famous site of the ruins south of Lima. The newspaper cited “police sources.” But today, Peru’s ministry of culture denied the occurrence and told T News that the robbery did not include artifacts.

“There was no robbery in the museum. What happened was that the Consorcio Pachacamac company, which is installing night lighting for the sanctuary, had their copper cables on site. The thieves broke in and stole the cables, but that was outside. They didn’t break into the museum,” said representatives from the ministry.

Director of the Pachacamac museum Denise Pozzi-Scott told media that tours had been suspended in the area due to police investigations of the thefts. But she asserted that operations would be back to normal starting tomorrow. “Yesterday [the museum] was closed for a moment, but we’re not going to close mid-week. Today it is closed for installation maintenance,” she informed tour operators and the general public.

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