Owners of art stolen in Pebble Beach question law enforcement's actions

PEBBLE BEACH – The victims in last week’s big Pebble Beach art heist and the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office both said Thursday they were done talking about the case – for the time being.
But they didn’t fall silent before taking pokes at each other.
In a prepared statement, Angelo Amadio and Dr. Ralph Kennaugh, who claim they lost up to $80 million worth of artwork in a Sept. 25 burglary at their rented Sunridge Road home, said they wouldn’t do further press interviews or make statements about the case because of “concern that the investigation process could be adversely affected.”
The Sheriff’s Office said in a press release that it would not comment on the reported art theft until a press conference early next week.
Amadio and Kennaugh, business partners in a number of ventures, put out the first press release outlining the alleged burglary Sunday. They said they had lost 13 valuable pieces of art, including works by Rembrandt, Renoir, Van Gogh and Jackson Pollock, in an afternoon burglary at the Pebble Beach residence.
They initially put the value of the missing artwork at $27 million. By mid-week, after they said they were able to inventory their collection, the number of missing pieces grew to about 30, with a total value of $60 million to $80 million.
In their statement Thursday, the men said questions had arisen about “the delayed response of local law enforcement in Monterey County.” They said the Sheriff’s Office took the burglary report about 7 p.m. the day it happened, but did not send fingerprint technicians and detectives to the home until Tuesday.
Their statement said an extortion note that contained a demand for money and threats to kill them was found at the scene “by the officers present.”
That contradicts information previously released by the Sheriff’s Office, which said the purported extortion note was turned over to investigators after Amadio told the press about it.
“The Sheriff’s Office is concerned about statements and information released by others compromising the integrity of the investigation,” its press release said.
Sheriff’s spokesman Cmdr. Mike Richards said he couldn’t comment on the investigation.
In their statement, Amadio and Kennaugh said they appreciated media coverage of the burglary and said “some valuable tips have been provided to law enforcement officials.”

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