Mystery is solved: Homer was stolen (From Echo)

Mystery is solved: Homer was stolen (From Echo).

THE long-running mystery over the whereabouts of a missing Basildon sculpture has been solved – it was stolen, officials have revealed Local heritage group Our Basildon has spent ages trying to track down a six-foot bronze statue of the Greek poet and philosopher, Homer, which used to stand in the town centre.

Its disappearance, 16 years ago from Basildon Council’s Brooke House flats tower, seemed a profound mystery.

Now council officials have lifted the lid and admitted it was stolen. The artwork, was commissioned by Basildon Development Corporation in 1958 and made by Irish sculptor Frederick Edward Williams, who was paid £2,000.

Our Basildon recently took a fresh look at previous research by artist Robert Worely, which showed Homer moved around the town quite a bit down the years.

At one time, he sat in the old Towngate Theatre, though he also spent time in Southgate House, in Town Square.

Our Basildon director Vin Harrop was disappointed to learn the statue had been stolen and hoped other local sculptures would be better looked after.

He added: “It’s a great shame, because it was a really good piece of art.

“We now have to protect what art we’ve still got. It does worry me, as I’m not entirely sure whose job at the council it is to be looking after it.”

A council spokesman confirmed the sculpture was stolen ten years ago, but added the plinth still remained in Brooke House.

He added: “The reason we haven’t replaced it, basically, is because there is nothing suitable to replace it with.

“There are other statues, but we have looked at them and come to the view none of these is really all that suitable to replace the Homer statue.”


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