Museum theft: several posts about the Bill Reid heist in Vancouver


* Article from The Moscow Times – A New Art Lover Shells Out 0M

* Preocupa al Vaticano robo de arte sacro en México

* insider theft. Historian tied to 3 more missing Roosevelt artifacts

* UBC museum at a loss to explain theft of work by legendary aboriginal artist

* B.C. museum offers $50,000 reward for stolen Reid art

* Bill Reid theft. Curators ‘shocked’ at boldness of heist. Officials had believed security system was impenetrable

* Crime world bargains with stolen art (survey of art thefts in Canada)

* Theft of Bill Reid art not random, curator says

* Egypt antiquities chief hails ‘naked’ mummies cover-up (Zahi Hawass once again seeks publicity. He better worries about the stolen mask in the Saint Louis Art Museum)
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