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Museum raid nets Nazi flag

Museum raid nets Nazi flag
By BEN STANLEY – Waikato Times Last updated 09:02 26/04/2010

As thousands rose for Anzac Day dawn services yesterday, thieves
broke into the Raglan Museum, swiping an authentic Nazi flag.

It was stolen around 4am from an exhibition running at the museum
titled ‘Raglan and the Anzacs,’ which celebrates the district’s
involvement in the two world wars. The flag, featuring a swastika on a
red and white background, had been captured during WWII by Whitfield
Wright, a Raglan man who served as a tank crewman.

Patrick Day, president of the Raglan and District Museum, described
the theft of the flag as “very bizarre.”

“It looks confrontational. The swastika is a symbol that still
resonates years later.”

Along with the flag, thieves also stole a photo of Mr Wright, a
stalwart of the Museum before his recent death, and his tank crew
posing with the flag during the war.

Mr Day said a genuine Nazi flag, captured in battle would be “very
valuable,” and suggested the thief could be a collector.

Mr Day has been involved with the Raglan and District Museum, on
Wainui Rd, for seven years and said it was the first break-in he has
experienced in his time there.

The museum is already reeling after the loss of a number of historical
items stored in a shed on Raglan wharf when it was destroyed by a fire
on April 13.

Mr Day encouraged anyone with information about the stolen Nazi flag
to contact the police.

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