Military memorabilia stolen from Kenly museum

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Military memorabilia stolen from Kenly museum

May 12, 2011
Museum officials believe this is how the suspect or supects gained entry to the museum.
Thousands of dollars worth of artifacts from the Carolina Military Vehicle Preservation Association military museum were stolen Tuesday during broad daylight, according to museum officials. 

Robert Jopekpresident of the CMVPA, says he was at the museum up until 2 p.m. and left for about two hours to pick up some items.Jopek says he returned around 5 p.m. to find an almost empty museum.

Jopek said upon his return, he immediately noticed the club’s black 1988 Mercedes was missing. He called 911 to report the missing vehicle, then went inside the museum.

The entire front part of the museum, including tools used to restore vehicles were missing, WWII and Civil War replica guns, uniforms from veterans, and other artifacts were also stolen, according to Jopek. For a detailed description on the stolen items and for updated information, click here to visit the CMVPA website.

Museum officials say the stolen merchandise is worth at least $12,000 but say some of the items were priceless and irreplaceable.

The CMVPA is a nonprofit veterans group with about 100 members, consisting of veterans, historians and community members. They say they were hoping to open the museum by July 4 and are shocked that someone was able to steal so many items in a two hour period.

They’re asking anyone with information on this robbery to call police.


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