Man charged in ski museum theft : Views and News from Norway

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Man charged in ski museum theft : Views and News from Norway.

Police in Oslo have arrested and charged a man in connection with the
unusual theft earlier this week of an historic ski jacket worn by King
Haakon VII. The jacket had been on exhibit at the Ski Museum at
Holmenkollen for several years.
Karin Berg, director of the museum located under the Holmenkollen Ski
Jump, discovered the theft Thursday when she was preparing a speech
tied to her new book about the jacket and its royal embroidery. Both
she and the jacket had been featured prominently in several local
newspapers just days before.
“This is unreal,” Berg told newspaper Aftenposten on Friday. She said
the jacket was stolen in broad daylight while at least 60 visitors
were inside the museum. Its locked display case had been pried open,
probably in a matter of minutes.
On Friday afternoon, website (external link) could report
that police had a suspect in custody who was undergoing questioning.
Police earlier had said they had received many tips in the case.
Berg considers the jacket, made from reindeer fur, a national
treasure, containing embroidery that was illegally sewn by a prisoner
of war and friend of the king’s late wife at the Grini prison camp
outside during World War II.
Its theft is the first ever suffered by the museum, which recently
reopened following the ski jump’s expansion for the World
Championships that begin later this month.

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