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Magdeburg betreibt Schatzsuche via Internet

* Magdeburg betreibt Schatzsuche via Internet

* FW: Dave Liston Seriouly Ill

* Der Versicherungsstreit um Millionenzahlungen für verbrannte Bücher der
Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek Weimar ist beigelegt. Versicherung zahlt 5
Millionen Euro für verbrannte Bücher.

* Murder, mayhem and museums. While Iraq struggles to return to peaceful
normality, the British have been working to restore some of the country’s
pride in its past – with a museum.

* Colin Renfrew lectures prompt the Met to release collections management

* More about the struggle between AXA and the Anna Amaliabibliothek (German
language report)

* Matisse sketch stolen in Berlin

* FW: security fog for museum application

* Invitation ICMS congres 2009 – Quebec City – Call for papers

* Three portraits of Neil Armstrong were reported missing Friday night, after
an alleged robbery at the Wapakoneta Post Office.

* La police de Québec sollicite l’aide de la population pour retrouver deux
tableaux de grande valeur.

* The Netherlands 400 museums are mounting a major investigation into all
acquisitions made since 1933 to try to establish if any works of art were
taken from Jewish families

* A petition has been raised for the return to Scotland of a original William
Wallace Document

* Police are trying to trace the owners of antiques thought to be worth
thousands of pounds which were found in a house in Downpatrick.

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