London – Stealing an artwork is a tricky act

Stealing an artwork is a risky act, however, a recent robbery in London showed that it is also easy to do.

The Page Gallery on London’s Brompton Road witnessed a very peculiar yet interesting incident.

Wednesday, Jan. 26, a thief entered the Page Gallery and stole two paintings.

The gallery was hosting works by Paul Robinson, Anssi Sojaka and Graham Carrick in a joint exhibition.

The paintings were mostly oil on acrylic, canvas or linen.

On that day, a man came to the gallery, he went downstairs, where the majority of the paintings were hung and took two paintings by cutting it from its original frame.

The works of art were cut with a knife from their frames, hidden on the thief’s person and taken from the space.

The cuts were jagged, which means he cannot make money by selling them. He chose paintings that were not seen obviously. They were between two walls.

Since it is impossible to make any money from those hit-and-miss jagged paintings, it is a mystery as to why he stole them.

Maybe he liked the paintings but could not afford them.  One belonged to Graham Carrick, D.H.S.S. It was 75 x 75 centimeters and worth about 2,000 pounds.

The other stolen painting belonged to Anssi Sojakka. It was a painting of the Golden Fleece and worth about 1,000 pounds.

The artists and the gallery staff could not believe what happened. No one knows why this man stole the paintings.

According to Carrick, the incident was something like out of The Thomas Crown Affair.

The gallery staff said the man hid the paintings underneath his long coat.

The exhibition ran until Feb. 12 and as of the end of the exhibition nothing had been found out about the robbery. As well, no further evidence has surfaced, which shows that the robbery was only against the gallery or the artists.


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STARTING POINT: Stealing an artwork is a tricky act – Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review.

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