Kwame Opoku: Further Report from the exhibition “Benin-Kings and Rituals: Court Arts from Nigeria”

The article below provides us further report on the opening of the exhibition which is now at the Art Institute of Chicago. until 21 September,2008. I was very interested to note that the Field Museum in Chicago has some 400 Benin bronzes, a fact which up to now seems to have escaped the attention of many of us who believe that the time has come for the various holders of the Benin bronzes to take a courageous step in returning some of the pieces. Americans and Europeans cannot need these Benin bronzes as much as the people of Benin.

Deanna Isaacs should be congratulated for the excellent report and the explanations therein. It would be interesting to know whether the Art Institute of Chicago will publish the full texts of the statements made at the opening of the exhibition and above all, the statement of James Cuno, the Director of the Art Institute of Chicago, stating that he will consider seriously any demand for restitution.

Kwame Opoku.

Plunder on a Pedestal
At the Art Institute’s summer show, Benin royals get a good look at the stuff they want back.
By Deanna Isaacs….

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