Korea – Experts Suggest Entrusting Artifacts to Museums

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The financial and cultural value of some artifacts and ancient
artworks are enormous.
And it becomes a serious problem both for the country and the
individual owners when the artifact is stolen or lost while under
private care.
So what is the solution to that problem[Interview : Jang Sang-hoon,
Assistant curator
National Museum of Korea] “If the artifacts are in outstanding
condition and are also a great source for an exhibition, they will go
through the Artifact Assessment Committee here to get registered for

Currently at the National Museum of Korea a total of 80 national
historic treasures are being kept at the museum at the request of
their owners.
A royal certificate that was issued to Ma Cheon-mok, a military
official who quelled a rebellion during Joseon Dynasty has recently
been entrusted to the National Palace Museum of Korea.

[Interview : Ma Sang-mok, Jangheung Ma Clan Association] “We didn’t
have the appropriate facilities to keep this document safe so we
decided to let the National Palace Museum of Korea hold it in trust.”

Various works by Park Soo-keun, a famous Korean artist, are mostly
bought and kept by private owners and because of this, the public gets
a limited view of his works..

[Interview : Park Sung-nam, Artist Park Soo-keun’s son] “I think it’s
a good idea to entrust my father’s precious works to a museum since I
don’t have to worry about protecting it myself and I still have
ownership of it.”

The system is a good way to not only better protect national treasures
but also to expand the scale of exhibitions for the public to enjoy.
But before this can happen experts say more people need to start
thinking about their artifacts as a cultural gift that can be shared
with everyone.
Lee Ji-yoon, Arirang News.

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