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It is with great sadness that I inform you Dave Liston passed away last night, March 4 at 7:35pm

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Dear friends and colleagues,

It is with great sadness that I inform you Dave Liston passed away last night, March 4 at 7:35pm.

As you remember Dave returned home on January 16 several weeks after his surgery. When I spoke with him last Friday, he was still upbeat and clearly cherishing the time he was spending with his wife, Barbara, and family. An associate that visited Dave each week since his return home reported he had noticed a sudden decline over the past two weeks in his appearance and physical activity.

As some of you know, the annual National Conference on Cultural Property Protection is taking place this week in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Yesterday afternoon, Dave was connected via telephone to the Conference in order to officially receive the annual Robert Burke Award as part of the ceremony there. JJ McLaughlin, Director of OPS, reported that Dave received two standing ovations from the ceremony participants. His wife told JJ that he had been hanging on for that phone call.

Dave was a dedicated servant to the Smithsonian, as well as to ICMS and the cultural community as a whole. He was a great friend to many and a great human being to all that got a chance to know him.


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