insider theft. After 13 years, the Manila Regional Trial Court is set to


* Bill Reid theft. Gas masks, bear spray, used in Vancouver art heist

* FW: UBC offers reward for stolen artworks, photos

* The latest lecture sponsored by the Court of Appeals is a must for art
historians and World War II buffs. “Stolen Art” also comes at a time when a
film on the subject is showing.

* insider theft. After 13 years, the Manila Regional Trial Court is set to
promulgate its decision Thursday on the theft case at the National Library,
where priceless historical documents were systematically pilfered and sold to
antique shops and collectors

* In vielen US-Städten machten sich Kupferdiebe bereits über Kanaldeckel,
Rohre und Drähte her. Jetzt gehen sie einen Schritt weiter: Neuerdings drehnen
Diebe ihre Beutezüge auch auf Kunstobjekte aus dem begehrten Metall aus.

* ‘Despicable’ church art robbery. A 500-year-old oil painting by a
Renaissance artist has been stolen from a church in Powys where it is thought
to have hung for more than a century.

* Art stolen from White Rock gallery. White Rock RCMP are looking for
information or witnesses to a May 19 break-in at a Marine Drive art gallery.

* May 12th Earthquake Threatens Chinese Cultural Heritage

* PORTLAND, Ore. — A local artist had a year’s worth of his work stolen when
a thief broke into his car last week.

* Ottawa Police are asking for the public’s help in finding the suspect or
suspects who have been stealing and damaging National Capital Commission
property since January.

* New Haven (WTNH) _ Several paintings were stolen from a New Haven church and
police are still looking for those responsible.

* La reliquia más valiosa del robo al Nación estaba en una zapatilla

* Ludhiana. Police recover stolen antique revolver

* Increasing security after theft of Picasso etchings

* Making Sure Your Art Is Yours. For collectors, buying title insurance can
offer peace of mind or a full settlement if it turns out their artwork has a
murky past

* Wertvolle Geige verschwunden


* Spain. Roban dos ángeles del trono de Jesús de Medinaceli de Alcalá de

* Statement From Louise Blalock, Chief Librarian, Hartford Public Library
about security concerns.