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Historic museum near Kavarna looted




Historic museum near Kavarna looted

Tue, Aug 04 2009 14:39 CETbyNick Iliev288 Views


The museum of history near the seaside town of Kavarna has been robbed, with thieves making their way out with a one-metre ancient Greek statue and a Turkish naval gun dating from the Ottoman empire, a press statement from Dobrich police has informed.

Museum director Darina Mircheva told Dnevnik daily that the cannon dated back to the reign of Mahmud I, and it was the only one of its kind in northeastern Bulgaria. It had been discovered in 1997 during an underwater research operation conducted in the area; it was about 50 kg in weight and had an Arabic inscription on the barrel.

Mircheva has said that she will “cover any financial resources necessary for the recovery of the artifacts”.

The gang who robbed the museum appeared well organised and briefed. There were two other cannons next to the Turkish one but no interest was shown in them. Mircheva hopes that the artifacts have not been smuggled out of the country.

Police are currently deployed at all routes leading in and out of the town, checking vehicles.

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